A 3D version of Conway's Game of Life done in WebGL and Javascript. Currently limited to 40x40x40 for performance reasons.

This was something I quickly threw together to see how the "Game of Life" would work in 3D. It seems to function quite the same as the 2D version and I would expect many of the same structures to exist in both. I also expected since for the 8-neighbor 2D version standard rules are B3/S23, that the 3D version with 26 neighbors would require B9/S89 but it actually requires B5/S45 to act similar to the 2D version.

Quick Instructions

  • Left-click a grid square or cell edge to place a cell.
  • Right-click a cell edge to remove that cell.
  • Left-click and drag to rotate, right-click and drag to pan, scroll to zoom.
  • Iteration speed, pause/play, edge behavior all controlled on the left.

Click Here to Try