A 3D version of Conway's Game of Life done in WebGL and Javascript. Currently limited to 40x40x40 for performance reasons.
A javascript experiment using an HTML5 AudioContext to capture frequencies from a playing audio file.
An interactive html5/javascript based jigsaw puzzle. It dynamically cuts up any image provided and lets you piece it together as a jigsaw puzzle.
New and improved Windows 7/Vista video fix for Diablo 1. Mouse position is fixed, various crashes on closing have been fixed. There is absolutely no modification of the game binary files, just a modified version of the DirectDraw library that adds some nice graphical features.
In this post I go over my goals and complete the initial setup for an Arch Linux desktop.
In this post I go over installing software and some of the challenges involved.
I've been busy lately, updates to come.
First post on the new site layout/design.